Application of Intelligent Protector in Oilfield Submersible Pump Control System

Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. Xu Min

Abstract : This paper introduces the function, software and application of the motor protector in the oil field submersible pump control system, and explains the necessity of applying the motor protector to the submersible pump.

Keywords: intelligent protector function oilfield submersible pump application

1 Introduction

With the development of China's oil industry and the need for oilfield development, the application of mechanical oil recovery is an important step in the development of the entire oil field in order to increase the oil field oil recovery rate and ultimate recovery. As an important mechanical oil extraction equipment, submersible electric pumps play an increasingly important role in the exploitation of oil fields.

Submersible pump control system consists of submersible pump control cabinet, GPRS transceiver, monitoring software and other components. The submersible pump control cabinet is used for oil field submersible pump control for submersible pumps with AC frequency of 50Hz, 60Hz, voltage of 380 to 2500V, current up to 200A and below. The core component is the submersible pump intelligent protector. . The GPRS transceiver device is used to upload the electrical parameters measured by the electric pump control cabinet and the process parameters of other meters to the control system. Monitoring software is used for HMI operation.

2 Smart Protector

The intelligent protector realizes the protection, measurement and control functions of the submersible pump. Ankerui's ARD3T motor protector is the exclusive protection product for submersible pumps. ARD3T products include main module, measurement module, switch module, analog module, temperature module, and communication module, together with a touch screen for real-time display of measurement and protection parameters.

ARD3T submersible pump intelligent protector

2.1 Measurement Functions

Intelligent protection device with protection type current transformer can realize three-phase current measurement and real-time current curve display. Current transformer can reach 10 times overload. Through the external transformer can realize three-phase voltage measurement, voltage curve real-time display. The multiples of the current transformers and voltage transformers in the protector can be arbitrarily set according to the actual parameters. At the same time, the protector can measure the frequency, power, and statistics of the energy value used. The temperature sensor can measure the temperature of the submersible pump. These parameters provide the basis for the protection of submersible pumps.

2.2 Protection Features

In the operation process of oilfield submersible pumps, due to factors such as the working environment, the failure rate is very high. Traditional protection devices cannot protect the motor in a timely and effective manner when the motor fails, often resulting in the electric motor pump being burned out. Caused a production stoppage. ARD3T intelligent protector is designed according to the status quo of China's oil field pump and the actual production needs of oil wells, and it can implement comprehensive protection for electric pumps. It can detect and control the operating condition of the motor and prevent the motor from being damaged due to abnormal operation.

2.2.1 Overload protection

There are many reasons for overloading the submersible pump, including failure of the protector or unreasonable structure of the cable head causing the well fluid to enter the motor; the insulation performance of the motor is damaged during frequent voltage fluctuations and start-stop pumping; sand production leads to high-load operation for a long time Causes the operating current to overheat the escalator cable core and cause damage to the insulation; damage to the submersible cable during downhole operations; pump cards due to sand or impurities, etc. For various reasons, the ultimate operating current is excessive. When the motor is under excessive load for a long time, it will cause the motor to overheat and the insulation to decrease and burn out. The protector calculates the heat capacity of the motor according to the heat characteristics of the motor and simulates the motor heat characteristics to protect the motor. The delay time of overload protection decreases with inverse time limit as the current overload multiple increases.

Overload protection current-time comparison table

Overload characteristic curve

2.2.2 Underload protection

When the load on the motor is a pump load, the motor will be in no-load or under-load operation. The protector provides under-load protection. The main reasons for underloading of submersible pumps include tubing puncture, leaking of drain valve, and leakage of the pipe string caused by sinking sand pipe; poor supply of liquid in the formation and lack of liquid supply due to foreign matter blocking of sand control screen; pump, pipe string Sand plug, mud plug; pump shaft, separator shaft off and so on. When the percentage of the average current of the three phases and the rated current is lower than the underload set value, the protector will operate within the set time of action (delay). The delay time of underload protection decreases with inverse time limit as the current underload multiple increases.


Trip time (s)










Quick break

Underload protection action time comparison table

Underload characteristic curve

2.2.3 Other functions

The product also has anti-time-limit protection functions such as current imbalance, over-voltage, under-voltage, and voltage unbalance; it has definite-time limit protection functions such as phase failure, blocking, blocking, and external faults; current history data export, and voltage history data export function; The customer punches the card to sign in the function; Has the fault record function; The parameter power-off does not lose.

2.3 Technical parameters

Technical Parameters


Submersible pump working power

380 to 2500V


50Hz, 60Hz

ARD3T auxiliary power supply

AC/DC 110 / 220V, power consumption ≤ 15VA

Touch screen auxiliary power

DC 24V

Rated operating current of the motor

6.3 (1.2A-3150A)

Using an External Current Transformer + Measurement Module

CT, PT can be set



Measurement module + leakage current transformer


Relay output contact capacity

Resistive load

AC250V, 6A; DC24V, 6A

Inductive load

AC250V, 2A; DC24V, 2A

Body switch input and output

4DI, 4DO, DI can be dry or wet

Switch module

4DI, 3DO, DI can be dry or wet

Temperature module

External sensor types: PT100, PT1000, Cu50, PTC, NTC

Number of sensors: 3

The sensor corresponds to the measurement range:

PT100/PT1000: -50°C~+500°C

Cu50: -50°C~+150°C

PTC/NTC: 100Ω to 30kΩ

Analog module

Can realize: 2 4~20mA input measurement, 2 4~20mA transmission output

4 to 20mA input measurement accuracy ±0.5%

4 to 20mA output maximum load capacity is ≤ 500Ω

Subject communication

RS485: Modbus-RTU

Communication module

RS485: Dual Modbus-RTU, Profibus


Operating temperature

-10oC to 55oC

Storage temperature

-25oC to 65oC

Relative humidity

≤95% non-condensing, non-corrosive gas



Pollution level

Level 3

Protection level

Main body IP20, split display module IP45 (installed on the cabinet)

Installation category

Level III

3 touch screen

The touch screen uses Kunlun Tongtai products, supplemented by exclusive software to display the running status of the electric pump in real time, facilitating the operation and maintenance personnel to observe and grasp the working conditions of the electric pump on site.

software interface:

Main interface current real-time curve

Voltage real-time curve Event record

4 submersible pump control system structure diagram

5 Conclusion

This article describes the function and monitoring interface of the motor protector for submersible pumps used in the Ankerui Oilfield. This comprehensive protector can reduce the electrical faults in the motor operation, can detect and control the running status of the motor, and prevent the motor from malfunctioning. Damage caused by the operation.

6 Company Profile

Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. [Stock Code: 300286.SZ] is one of the few leading companies in China that provides system solutions such as smart power monitoring, power management, and electrical safety for smart grid customers.

Since its establishment in June 2003, the company has focused on the R&D, production and sales of customer-side smart power meters. The product line covers the low-voltage power signal acquisition, measurement, measurement, monitoring, protection and system integration of smart grid subscribers. Power meters, intelligent motor controllers, rail-mounted energy meters, power sensors, photovoltaic combiner boxes, active filters, medical clean power cabinets and other products as well as intelligent power monitoring and power management, building energy analysis management, electrical fire monitoring, Data center electricity monitoring, photovoltaic power plant monitoring, ZigBee (Internet of Things) radio energy management and other system solutions.

The company owns a Jiading district-level technology center and is a high-tech enterprise and a software company. He successively participated in GB/T22264-2008 "Installed Digital Electric Measuring Instrument", JB/T10736-2007 "Low Voltage Motor Protector", GB/T15576-2008 "Low Voltage Complete Reactive Power Compensation Device", GB/T22387-2008 "The Residual Current "Action relay" and many other electric power meter national standard and line standard drafting or preparation. As of December 2011, the company has more than 100 authorized patents and more than 70 computer software copyrights; ACR network power meters are listed as national key new products, and the company is listed as one of the key enterprises of the smart grid by the Shanghai Economic and Trade Commission.

In 2007, the company's production base in Jiangyin, Jiangsu was completed and put into production. The first-phase factory building area was 10,000 square meters. It was the first company in the smart power meter industry to adopt the lead-free SMT production technology and provided the industrialization and scale implementation of the company's products. Protection. In March 2010, the company's technical transformation, the workshop to carry out anti-static transformation, so that the production environment to further enhance, at the same time, the introduction of MES management system in production, each process bar code scanning, so that the entire production schedule and process have been controlled . Basically achieved paperless management, saving production costs and improving management efficiency.

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Article Source: "Electrical Technology" No. 1 of 2014

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