Brand lighting store expansion rapidly, the industry ushered in the second spring

China's lighting market developed in the 1990s, and the real rise has entered the 21st century, especially in the past few years, the brand home market and the lighting market's continuous expansion and expansion, gave birth to a large lighting store, and rapid development The pattern of lighting sales has undergone great changes, and this change is indicative of the advent of the era of lighting hypermarkets.
The brand lighting store has expanded rapidly for nearly two years, and the brand home market and lighting market have expanded rapidly. Such as: Red Star Macalline, Real Home, Jimei and other well-known brands in the home market in the country triumphantly, lighting investment is in full swing: Beijing Shilihe Lighting City Shenyang store, Wenzhou store's professional chain expansion set sail; local consortium investment in the lighting market has emotions Plus; some cities are planning or starting the planning and construction of new lighting markets. The expansion of these lighting stores is leading and changing the lighting sales pattern of each city.
The new plan ushered in the second spring of the 1990s. China's lighting market is mostly in the shantytown architectural market, and some are still in the downtown area. With the acceleration of urbanization construction, most of these areas are facing adjustment targets for urban planning and transformation. The image of backward market is obviously incompatible with the planning of the new urban area, and the market is either cancelled or re-planned. The newly planned market will of course be more scientific, larger in scale, higher in grade, more complete in facilities, more humane in management, and more integrated into the new urban development, creating opportunities and conditions for market upgrading and expansion.
The shift in consumer demand has given birth to hypermarkets. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the shopping environment are getting higher and higher, and they can enjoy the shopping pleasure and service in a shopping environment with beautiful environment, comfortable and relaxed, and standardized management. Today's lighting hypermarkets are equipped with first-class hardware facilities, and the service is constantly innovating and improving. This is also one of the main reasons for the successful expansion of the brand home market chain such as Red Star Macalline and Real Home. A store with a sense of service ahead will not be unpopular.
Whether it is the need of urban construction or the demand of consumers for the shopping environment, it will lead to the birth of high-standard shopping hypermarkets. The more scientific the planning and the higher the construction standards, the smaller the impact on urban planning, the longer the period of use, and the more favorable the stable development of the market. The birth of the lighting hypermarket will occupy the dominant position in the future lighting market. This kind of change is an improvement with the times. The terminal lighting store is developing to a large extent, and it is also a need to adapt to the times and trends.
The trend of hypermarkets has gradually become clear. With the development of the times, this trend will have a certain impact on the development pattern of the future lighting industry. The rise of hypermarkets is a booster to the industry's industrial upgrading, accelerating the process of shuffling and branding in the industry.

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