1.Applicable for drying of all kinds of plastic materials with different texture and color simultaneously. Designed particularly for materials with high demand for temperature in small quantities and many colors; also suitable for other preheating or drying purposes, e.g. edible, medical, electronic and electroplating.

2.Adopted P.I.D. control to precisely control drying temperature.

3.Temperature and timer control in one unit for easy parameter setting.

4.Premium heat insulating material and sealed structure can save energy.

5.Adjustable air inlet.

6.Installed with motor overload protector and phase controller.

Working principle

Place material on the movable trays and start the switch on power. After air is blown from the air inlet to electric heater elements, hot air evenly goes through and dry the material. Consequently, moisture will be expelled by another blower and then material is dried through the repeated process.









Model Power (kW) Blower (kW) Max. Temp.(ºC) Number of Tray Capacity (kg) Dimension (cm) Net Weight (kg)
WSDA-5 6 0.75 200 5 45 92×69×138 154
WSDA-9 6 0.75 200 9 80 92×69×175 190
WSDA-20 12 1.5 200 20 180 166×69×195 315

Pneumatic Cylinder Accssories

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