Curved construction method and safety

In the roadway construction, the curved section roadway (curve) is often encountered. The curved road must be excavated according to the design radius of curvature. The extension of the middle line of the roadway, the arrangement of the working face blasthole, the support and the use of the rock loader have the following characteristics and requirements:

1. The middle line of the roadway extends

Accurately grasping the direction of the roadway is the main factor to ensure the quality of the curve construction. It is suitable for workers to master the curve ruler by extending the string.

2. Cannon arrangement

Since the outside of the curve is longer than the inner side, it is necessary to make the roadway advance along the design curve. The outer edge of each shot is larger than the inner one. The position of the groove is outwardly offset, and the outer eye should be properly adapted. Deepen, and increase the amount of charge; on the contrary, the depth of the bonnet of the inner gang should be reduced. After entering the straight line, restore the original linear blasthole arrangement, but when using the ordinary temporary wooden bracket with the excavation, in order to prevent the blasting stone from falling down, the external blasthole should be loaded with some medicine to make the blasting meteorite. Fly in the direction of the joint force toward the center line of the roadway, and do not deflect the shed leg.

3. Support

When a shed-type bracket is used, the direction of the top beam should be opposite to the center of the curved arc and arranged in a fan shape. Since the shed distance of the outer gang is larger than that of the inner gang, it is necessary to pay attention to mastering the three interrogation distances of the outer gang, the inner gang and the center line of the roadway when erecting the bracket, and making the center of the sill beam face the center line of the roadway.

4. Use of bucket rock loader in corners

When loading the rock in the curved section roadway, due to the different curvature of each roadway and the different distances of the bucket loading machine from the working surface, the bucket can not directly load the meteorite into the body by the working surface. Therefore, it is necessary to transport the meteorites in several stages. First, the working surface is rubbed into the A, then the double pulleys 3 are removed, and the tail wheels are hung on the fixed wedges at the B, and then the meteorites stacked in the A are loaded. car.

When the rock-loading driver can't see the situation on the working face, he can set up a special person to use the miner's lamp as a signal to contact the driver and command the squat.

When the curved section roadway adopts the bucket to install rock, it is better not to have a bracket with legs in the running section of the bucket to avoid pulling the bucket during operation to cause an accident.

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