Electromixed mercury method

The amalgamation method was initiated at the beginning of the Qin and Han dynasties in China, and it is a major contribution of the Chinese alchemists to the world. Our alchemists were early adopters of amalgamation to extract gold and silver, the law later descendant of Western countries. Mercury amalgamation, the ancient method of recovering gold, has been replaced by cyanidation and flotation in some cases in modern metallurgy, but the natural gold (especially coarse) From the perspective of gold, there is still its uniqueness. Therefore, it is still one of the important methods for recycling gold at home and abroad.

The amalgamation method can be divided into internal mixed mercury and external mixed mercury according to its production mode. In the gold mines, the gold and heavy sand minerals are separated by the stick mercury method. In the vein gold mine, stick mercury is usually used as part of the joint process, and cooperates with flotation, I selection, and liquefaction, as an auxiliary means of the vein gold mine, mainly used to collect coarse monomer gold. Practice has proved that the use of amalgamation in the pulse gold beneficiation process to preferentially extract part of the gold (mostly coarse gold) can greatly reduce the loss of gold in the tailings.

The internal amalgamation is carried out in a mercury amalgamation tank or a grinding machine, which can better control the pollution of mercury. The main equipment for external amalgamation is a mercury-mixed plate, which is carried out in equipment other than crushed ore. For the selection of plants with amalgamation operations, the protection of mercury poisoning must be strictly carried out.

In the amalgamation operation, the current is applied to the cathode of the circuit connected to the surface of mercury, which can reduce the surface tension of mercury, activate the performance of mercury, and enhance the wetting ability of mercury to gold. Therefore, in recent years, the electric amalgamation method has been applied. In industrial production abroad.

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