"Electronic Transformer Calibration Technology Research" passed the mid-term inspection

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] Recently, the NQI project "Electronic Transformer Calibration Technology Research" undertaken by the Shanghai Institute of Metrology and Testing Technology passed the mid-term inspection.
The "Electrical Transformer Calibration Technology Research" project was launched in July 2017 and is one of the topics of NQI's key project "Research on New Electromagnetic Sensing and High-Voltage Loss Measurement Technology". This special project is aimed at overcoming the key technical bottlenecks of improving the accuracy of electromagnetic sensors, comprehensively improving the measurement capabilities of national metrology-based standard devices, and forming internationally recognized calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) through international comparisons.
The "Electrical Transformer Calibration Technology Research" topic focuses on the new demand for high-voltage and high-current measurement in the national smart grid, power transmission, high-speed railway, new energy industry, and breaks through the key measurement and testing technology in the high-voltage field to build a digital new measurement standard device. After the completion of this project, not only the traditional high-voltage electrical equipment can be transmitted, but also the intelligent and digital high-voltage parameters of the digital substation communication protocol that meets IEC61850-9-2 can be calibrated. The preliminary research results of the research group have been widely used in the fields of power transmission and distribution industry, wind power generation and rail transit.
In the early stage of the mid-term inspection, the research team attached great importance to it, carefully prepared the materials for the mid-term inspection of the project, and reported the research progress, highlights, organization and management, implementation of funds, and implementation of supporting conditions to the project-oriented unit China Metrology Institute. The materials were revised and improved in time. At the mid-term inspection meeting, the expert group conducted a full inquiry based on the mid-term evaluation indicators of the task book. Finally, the expert group believed that the research progress met the requirements of the mid-term inspection, achieved the medium-term research objectives, and agreed to pass the mid-term inspection.
In the future, with the commissioning of the high-pressure laboratory of the Meilan Lake base, the research team will continue to conduct in-depth research on self-calibration of induction voltage divider, measurement of capacitor voltage coefficient, digital high-voltage measurement, etc., and complete the completed assessment indicators in strict accordance with the planned progress. .

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