How can lighting companies attract and retain talents?

The labor shortage is a major problem that plagues the lighting industry. However, companies often blame their wages on migrant workers, arguing that their quality is low and their loyalty to the company is low. Ask the lighting bosses, why did you treat the workers as real employees? ! Respect is mutual. When you apply white eyes to others, you will naturally not get a corresponding return.
In an interview, the reporter encountered such a boss. The value of the enterprise he led was not too large, with an annual average of 2-3 billion, but it was the largest brand in the building materials industry. Different from other bosses, the corporate philosophy he advocates is that people are equal and take the initiative to provide employees with space for learning and progress. When the major lighting companies in the year-end and the beginning of the year faced a shortage of labor, he was spending the New Year holiday leisurely. When it comes to his own employment, he has proposed several strategies.
Providing equal dignity A brand has been built for 16 years, but more than a dozen employees have been waiting for more than 10 years. What kind of charm does this company have? A staff member with a disabled foot has signed a non-fixed contract with the factory. The company promises to provide him with a post to retire. What kind of courage does the company have? Zhang Jingxi believes that enterprises must love their own employees and assume the responsibility of the company.
In the staff canteen of the US Nest Group, the same meals were provided to all shop floor employees and group employees, even the chairman Zhang Jingxi was the same as the workers. Zhang Jingxi believes that employees should feel your respect for him. After the completion of the new site in Meichao, many people had to contract the staff canteen and they were rejected. Zhang Jingxuan believes that the canteen is not a profitable department. It is the responsibility of the enterprise to let the employees eat well!
For various insurances and provident funds prescribed by the state, enterprises should take the initiative to provide employment security for employees. The reporter found in the US Nest that the company provides all kinds of insurance for employees in full, and provides housing subsidies to fully help employees solve their worries, so as to retain talents.
High salary and honesty, never work overtime!
Several major general managers have an annual salary of over 1 million, department managers have an annual salary of 300,000, and ordinary workers have paid 4,000! This is the benchmark for employee compensation at the US Open. In particular, the wages of ordinary workshop workers have even made many small white-collar workers working in Beijing feel ashamed. The staff of Meichao also enjoys the year-end award equivalent to 1-3 months of salary each year, and the US Nest Group plans to provide more funds rewards for the old employees who have worked for more than five years in the next year.
Some companies may ask, the high wages of workers are rushed to by endless overtime work? the answer is negative. The shuttle bus of the US Nest is delivered on time every night at 5:30, and all employees must leave the company on time. The employee's working hours throughout the year must be within 5 days of the week and 8 hours per day, otherwise the department head will be held accountable.
Some people ask if there is such a high salary, employees do not work overtime, and the company also provides various guarantees. How can enterprises guarantee the benefits when the labor cost is rising? Mei Jing Zhang Jingyi believes that in fact, enterprises can benefit from management.
In the US Nest, the employee's shuttle bus is outsourced. On the one hand, it can reduce the management cost. On the one hand, it can enable employees to enjoy the special preferential treatment of the Octagonal bus in the bus lane, saving employees time on the road; on the other hand, the US nest The cleaning work is also outsourced; not only that, but some workers in the US Nest workshop are also outsourcing, Zhang Jingxi said: I only train skilled workers, provide them with high salary and various guarantees, and some jobs that do not need technical support must be outsourced. It can better guarantee the company's operating costs and facilitate management.
In addition, automation is also a magic weapon for companies to improve production efficiency. The US Nest is gradually replacing labor with automated workshop equipment, which can circumvent the impact of workers' status on products and the impact of labor costs on business management costs. The construction of the factory invested by US Nest 200 million will play a vital role in the future management cost control.

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