How much does it cost to install monitoring?

Monitoring the quotation has always been a question frequently asked by friends who are weak, because after all, each project is different, and the way of quoting is different. Here, the weak singer will talk to you about monitoring the quotation and recommend this article to everyone.
Monitoring installations Our general main charges are two:
The first is to calculate by point, this is a project for small monitoring.
The second type for large-scale monitoring projects, according to the percentage of equipment, generally we take 15% -30%, the larger the project, the smaller the proportion.
Small-scale construction requirements are not strictly between 300 and 400. If the standard construction process, the main material such as cable is not lower than 400 points, some constructions are difficult to spread to more than 500 yuan. higher.
The current national standard for camera installation is between 70 and 80, the bracket is installed 30~40, the manual lens also includes the debugging of the lens, and the overall debugging of the split debugging can be ignored. Cable laying is 250~300 yuan/100 meters depending on the type of wire diameter.
Too high (5 meters or more) will also increase the labor cost by 3 to 4%, and the upper level will increase the fee.
Then talk about the choice of monitoring equipment
1. After determining the installation location, calculate the number of cameras installed. The clarity of the camera and the need for night vision are a way to differentiate prices. The definition of clarity is not high, and no night vision function is required. According to the quality, the price of the camera generally needs 200-300 yuan, while the camera with higher requirements may need 300-600 yuan.
2. Select to install a hard disk recorder to store and control the information collected by the camera. It is generally not recommended to install the monitoring card directly with the computer. Because the camera needs to be used for 24 hours, the computer must be turned on 24 hours, which is not good for computer cooling and virus prevention. It is recommended to install DVRs. There are many brands of hard drives available, ranging from 100 to 700 yuan. Dahua, Hikvision, etc. can be selected according to their needs. Remember to distinguish between on-site monitoring and network monitoring, so you should decide whether to choose a hard disk recorder with network function.
3, the price range of the display is wider, there are many TV computer manufacturers, the quality, size and clarity of the display are all diversified, and are determined according to personal preferences and needs. The average display can be fixed in more than 800 yuan, and the multi-screen display of several tens of inches may vary by several thousand yuan depending on the brand!
4. The choice of the line is also a factor affecting the price. You can use direct routing or use wireless routing. Of course, wireless is more expensive, and the transmitted signal is susceptible to physical factors. It is recommended to use direct wiring. Determine the cable length based on actual usage. Brand and quality also determine the price, generally 200-400 or so can be done.
5. Finally, if you want to install it yourself or need to ask the workers to install it, this is another cost. The general installation fee needs about 300-400 points.

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Design features

¨ Adopted world famous brand compressors and high efficiency condenser and evaporator, ensure high cooling efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise and long service life.

¨ Chilled water temperature range 5℃ to 35℃.

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¨ Low noise and big volume air blower.

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¨ KWB Water Cooled Industrial Chiller adopted shell and tube condenser, features speed heat dissipation and high cooling efficiency, it is good to be used in High ambient temperature area with abundant water.

¨ KC Air Cooled Industrial Chiller adopted aluminum fin/copper tube type condenser, easy for cleaning and installation.

¨ Power supply: 1PH 220V/50HZ-----1/2HP to 2HP

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