IP cameras have replaced traditional analog camera applications

The IP camera can complete the video analysis in the process of picture capture and video processing. If an abnormality occurs, it can promptly transmit information through the central server to issue an alarm. The application of IP cameras transforms cameras from a single video capture tool into a multi-functional intelligent processing device, which can handle security issues in real time and greatly increase the monitoring value. With the continuous deepening of the construction of safe cities in China, the demand for IP cameras in the Chinese market continues to rise.
According to the "2019-2023 China IP Camera Industry Market Analysis and Research Report" released by the relevant industry research center, since 2010, China's IP camera market has continued to increase in size. In 2015, IP camera shipments and sales scale surpassed analog cameras , Becoming the market leader in the camera, the penetration rate continues to increase. From 2015 to 2018, the average annual compound growth rate of China's IP camera market was 12.7%, reaching about 64.3 billion yuan in 2018. It is estimated that by 2023, China's IP camera market will reach about 100 billion yuan, and the industry has broad development prospects.
IP cameras have the capabilities of high-definition image acquisition, high-speed transmission, and video intelligent analysis. They are widely used in road monitoring, safe cities, company video conferencing, factory safety supervision, home security, finance, and power. Road monitoring and safety The city is its two important application areas. The application scope of IP cameras has been continuously expanded, and a lot of data and experience have been accumulated, which has laid a good foundation for the construction of smart cities in China. As the construction of smart cities continues to deepen, the demand for new and replacement IP cameras in China continues to rise. At the same time, the era of Internet of Everything has arrived. To obtain huge data and perform calculations to support smart devices to make relevant work decisions, the Internet of Things has the clarity, sensitivity, application flexibility, timeliness and accuracy of information processing, and transmission speed of cameras. The requirements are further improved, and IP cameras meet the technical requirements of the Internet of Things, and the market scale will continue to increase in the future. In general, the future development space of China's IP camera industry is still broad.
Industry analysts said that driven by the downstream markets such as safe cities, smart cities, and smart factories, the demand for cameras in China is developing in the direction of high-definition, intelligence, and multi-functions. Traditional analog cameras are difficult to meet market demand, and their share has gradually declined . At this stage, IP cameras with excellent performance have replaced the traditional analog cameras and become the mainstream in the domestic market, and the application penetration rate continues to increase. China's Internet of Things market is booming and needs a lot of data to support it. In the future, China's market demand for IP cameras will continue to grow.

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