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In March of this year, the Ministry of Education issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Application of the "Three Classrooms"," which stated that the application of "Delivery Class", "Famous Teacher Class" and "Prestigious Online Classroom" should be further strengthened.

The "three classrooms" refer to "special delivery classroom", "famous teacher classroom" and "prestigious school online classroom" respectively. The guiding opinions put forward:

"Special delivery classroom" emphasizes the specialization, mainly for the problems of weak rural schools and teaching sites that lack teachers, cannot open enough to open the nationally prescribed courses, and use online special courses or simultaneous courses, and use the Internet to push appropriate teaching progress according to the teaching progress. High-quality educational resources and other forms will help them to open up the nationally prescribed courses and promote the fair and balanced development of education.

"Famous teacher classroom" emphasizes sharing, and mainly aims at the problems of teachers' inadequate teaching ability and low professional development level. Through the establishment of a network training community, the demonstrative effect of famous teachers and famous courses can be explored to explore new forms of teaching and research activities under the network environment. Excellent teachers promote the improvement of ordinary teachers, so that the resources of famous teachers can be shared on a larger scale and promote the professional development of teachers.

"Prestigious school online classroom" emphasizes openness, and is mainly aimed at the urgent need to effectively narrow the education quality gap between regions, urban and rural areas, and between schools. With high-quality schools as the main body, it systematically promotes high-quality educational resources through online schools and online courses. Shared regionally or nationwide to meet the needs of students for personalized development and high-quality education.

The itc online classroom recording and broadcasting system uses mature network technology, computer and information management technology to form a complete application model for the collection, production, management, application, and sharing of educational video resources. It is conducive to reducing the overall cost and efficiency of school education informatization construction, forming a "co-construction and sharing" education resource accumulation, forming high-quality digital education resources with distinctive characteristics and meeting needs, promoting the deep integration of information technology and education technology, and promoting teaching quality Upgrade, realize the sharing of educational resources, and promote the realization of high-quality and balanced development of education.

The itc online classroom recording and broadcasting system is applied to the "three classrooms", and a set of solutions can realize functions such as remote interaction, intelligent on-demand, classroom recording, online live broadcasting, and mobile learning. Build recording and broadcasting hosts in each classroom to realize classroom teacher and student picture tracking, audio and video recording, online live broadcast, and on-demand; realize synchronous teaching between local classrooms and remote classrooms during the teaching process, and real-time audio and video interactive communication; The process can be recorded synchronously to truly show the interactive teaching scene; at the same time, it also supports the remote observation and comments of superior leaders and experts on the quality courses, academic exchanges, teaching research and other activities.

High degree of integration

Itc online recording and broadcasting system adopts integrated hardware ARM+DSP design, pure embedded system architecture, easy to use, easy to maintain, super safe, super quiet design. Integrate video capture module, recording module, live broadcast module, guide switch module, image segmentation and splicing module, local echo output and other modules to realize video live broadcast, smart guide, high-definition recording, touch screen control, image recognition tracking and other functions.

One machine dual scene 4K camera

The camera is equipped with 4K Sensor and 4K lens and supports 4K resolution. It can realize a single camera to output panoramic and close-up signals at the same time, and realize the effect of one camera with two mirrors, which is used for teacher tracking and student tracking.

One school with multiple points, one school with multiple campuses

Support one lecturer classroom with multiple classrooms to synchronize online classes, support multiple lecturers to bring multiple classrooms to synchronize online classes, classrooms and classrooms can be composed of multiple application forms, including boutique classrooms, normal classrooms, micro-class classrooms, and lecture classrooms .

Real-time interaction, online answers

Real-time interaction between the main lecture classroom and the listening classroom, answering students’ questions online, using interactive audio and video terminals to achieve one-to-one or one-to-many interactive communication between classrooms and classrooms, achieving rapid teaching exchanges in schools and helping weak schools to improve teaching Quality, solve the problem of weak teaching in rural, remote and impoverished areas.

to sum up:

The online recording system promotes the teaching and research organization model of "one school with many points" and "one school with many schools", and gradually institutionalizes the model of "high-quality schools with weak schools and excellent teachers with ordinary classrooms" relying on information technology. Use the interactive teaching platform of famous teachers to carry out regular teaching and research activities across regions such as urban and rural areas, east and west. Promote the fair development of educational resources, achieve the goal of balancing teaching resources, and further strengthen the implementation and application of the "three classrooms". Innovating education and teaching models in online classrooms, promoting the development of "Internet + education", allowing online and offline education to integrate organically, so that education and learning are no longer limited to offline classrooms, and promote the innovative development of the entire education ecosystem.

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