Kelansu: Declaring war on pollution with PM2.5 as a breakthrough

At 9:00 on March 5, 2014, the Second Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress opened at the Great Hall of the People. Premier Li Keqiang represented the State Council to report on the work of the government to the General Assembly. Air pollution control was again included in the report as a key work. The report pointed out: To use fine particles (PM2.5) and PM10 as a breakthrough, like to declare war on poverty. , resolutely declared war on pollution.

In 2013, China set a record for the average number of haze days in 52 years; at the beginning of the Year of the Horse, China once again encountered a relatively large range of haze attacks, and Beijing, Hubei, Guangzhou, Shaanxi and other cities issued yellow warnings in succession. It can be seen that the management of smog in our country has reached an imminent field.

Li Keqiang pointed out in his work report that the construction of ecological civilization is related to people’s lives and it concerns the future of the nation. The expansion of haze weather and the conspicuous contradiction of environmental pollution are the red lights that nature has turned to extensive development methods. We must strengthen ecological and environmental protection and make up our minds to use hard measures to accomplish hard tasks. At the same time, pollution control should be focused on major cities and regions where smog is frequent, and tail gas emissions should be used as a key link in the management of PM2.5, and in-depth implementation of pollution control plans. Accelerate the elimination of yellow-standard vehicles and old vehicles, and supply four standard diesel fuels to the country. This indicates that the country is putting a heavy punch on the governance of pollution.

However, although pollution control is a long-lasting campaign in which the whole country engages in individual activities, the premise still needs to start with itself. As the leader of domestic automobile environmental protection companies, it is imperative for Kosher to start from the ground up and start from the basics.

With the full implementation of the National IV emission standard and the full supply of the National IV vehicle diesel, since 2014, the sales volume of the AdBlue market for VANOS has seen a spurt increase. The 2013 National Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan also emphasized the need to accelerate the construction of the AdBlue supply system for vehicles. To this end, as the largest AdBlue company in the country, in 2014, the company launched a nationwide sales network layout, actively mobilized the company’s existing manpower and material resources, expanded its marketing channels, and strictly controlled product quality, while ensuring product quality. The AdBlue supply system for large-scale vehicles will effectively guarantee the comprehensive supply of high-quality automotive AdBlue in the national market.

Qin Jian, general manager of Jiangsu Kelan, said that pollution control starts with itself. As an environmental protection enterprise, as the largest domestic manufacturer and supplier of automotive AdBlue, Kosansu will continue to improve its product quality, expand its product marketing channels, and deploy its AdBlue sales outlets. Actively develop other products related to PM2.5 governance, effectively assist the government in promoting PM2.5 governance, and effectively implement pollution control.

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