Kunming: The first batch of LNG natural gas sanitation vehicles are put into use

The first batch of LNG natural gas sanitation vehicles in Kunming City was put into use on February 21st in the pilot project of the “LNG Green Sanitation” project in the Wuhua District. According to data provided by the manufacturer, the vehicle uses natural gas fuel to replace refined oil, which can reduce air pollutants by more than 85%.

According to reports, in order to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and realize green sanitation, Kunming City will use the Wuhua District as a pilot to introduce LNG natural gas sanitation transport vehicles in Yunnan Province, and will also use LNG clean energy as a transport vehicle for the transportation of waste, as well as power. The data of fuel use, energy conservation, emission reduction, maintenance, etc. are used for on-the-spot transportation testing and comprehensive monitoring, providing basic data for the next step in the promotion of natural gas energy in the sanitation work field.

The first models of LNG natural gas sanitation vehicles to Kunming were liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel compressed garbage trucks and hook-arm trucks. According to the data provided by the vehicle manufacturers, approximately 1300 sanitation vehicles in the main urban area of ​​Kunming City are estimated to use approximately 1300 tons of refined oil per year, reducing carbon monoxide by 97%, carbon dioxide 60%, and nitric oxide 39 if all natural gas fuels are used. 90% of sulfur dioxide, 72% of CH compounds, 100% of benzene, lead dust, and more than 85% of total atmospheric pollutants, about 37,000 tons, can effectively reduce air pollution.

It is understood that the active promotion of natural gas clean energy applications, the promotion of green and clean sanitation, and the orderly advancement of the replacement and replacement of sanitation vehicles can further improve the urban environmental quality and promote the construction of resource-saving society and environmentally clean cities.

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