Linyi: Special Inspection Station successfully carried out on-line inspection of power station boiler safety valve

Recently, Linyi Special Inspection Cylinder Gas Safety Inspection Department of the valve, the Hong Sakamoto Chemical Co. 35T power plant boiler safety valve recently conducted an online test and achieved complete success. On the afternoon of the same day, the special inspection cylinder test center was composed of two inspectors to form a test group and conducted on-line inspection of Hongyan Chemical 35T power station boiler safety valve. Inspectors patiently guided the preparation of the enterprise for inspection, a detailed inspection of the equipment information, focusing on checking the safety valve and the furnace docking site. According to the scene to develop a detailed and thorough inspection program. After nearly three hours of intense work, repeated commissioning, and ultimately determine the exact pressure to open, safety valve sensitive and reliable. As the inspector marked the last seal, this online test was announced. Safety valve on-line inspection technology, at home and abroad are not yet fully mature, high technical difficulty, the danger coefficient, the test itself is a safety hazard for equipment and inspectors. AQSIQ is now in some more developed regions of industrial pilot promotion of online inspection technology. Many enterprises in our city, especially several large enterprises, due to various reasons, as well as immature technology, many safety valves have not been tested for many years, there is a huge risk of accidents. In order to ensure the safety of special equipment in our city, expand the scope of inspection and increase the inspection coverage, the leadership requires the center to set up a research team to study on-line inspection techniques. Research team to a scientific, advanced work spirit, developed a variety of inspection programs. After a joint comparison test with State Administration of Technology promotion enterprises, it proves the feasibility and accuracy of the scheme I tested. This time, I independently completed the on-line inspection of safety valves, marking the provisional inspection of Linyi Special Safety Valve on-line inspection technology has reached the leading domestic level, into the ranks of first-class safety valve inspection agencies.

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