Maintenance and repair of air breathing apparatus

1 Daily routine inspection and maintenance

1.1 Airtightness check of the whole machine

Close the intake valve of the air respirator supply valve, open the bottle head valve, and then close the bottle head valve after 2 minutes. The pressure gauge drop value within 5 minutes after the bottle head valve is closed should not exceed 4 Mpa. If the pressure drop value within 5 minutes is greater than 4 Mpa, the air tightness of each component and connection should be checked separately.

1.2 Alarm pressure of the alarm

Open the cylinder head valve and close the cylinder head valve when the pressure gauge indicates that the value rises above 7 Mpa. Observe that the pressure gauge drops to the start of the alarm. The initial pressure of the alarm should be between 4 Mpa and 6 Mpa. If the alarm start pressure exceeds this range

The alarm should be removed to check whether all components are intact. If damaged, new components should be replaced.

1.3 Matching check of supply valve and full face mask

Close the intake valve of the supply valve, after wearing a full face mask, open the bottle head valve, you will hear the sound of "sizzle" when inhaling; during exhalation and breath-holding, the air supply valve should stop supplying, no " The "sizzle" sound indicates that the supply valve and full face mask are well matched. If the gas supply valve is still supplying gas during exhalation and breath-holding, you can still hear the sound of "sizzle", indicating a mismatch.

At this time, the supply valve and full face mask should be fully inspected or the supply valve and full face mask should be replaced, and the matching check should be repeated until it is qualified.

1 Routine maintenance

1.1 Air bottle and bottle head valve

(1) Avoid collision, scratching and knocking of the air bottle, avoid high-temperature baking and high-cold freezing and exposure to sunlight, repair the paint off in time to prevent the bottle wall from rusting.

(2) Air cylinders should be used according to the date marked on the cylinders. Regular inspections should be carried out. A hydraulic test inspection should be conducted every three years.

(3) The air in the air bottle cannot be exhausted completely, and the residual pressure should not be less than 0.05Mpa.

(4) When the bottle head valve is removed and repaired, and then the air bottle is reinstalled, it must pass the air tightness test of 28Mpa ~ 30Mpa, and can be used only after passing the test.

2.2 Pressure reducer

Do not disassemble the pressure reducer at will during use. When the safety valve leaks, the chamber pressure of the pressure reducer and the safety valve should be re-examined.

2.3 Full face mask

When the air breathing apparatus is not in use, the full face mask should be placed in the packing box, and it should not be under pressure during storage. It should be stored in a clean, dry warehouse, and should not be eroded by sun exposure and toxic gases and dust.

2.4 Supply valve

Under normal circumstances, it is strictly prohibited to disassemble the supply valve. In case of fault repair, it should be installed as it is, and it can be used after passing the inspection.

2 Notes

(1) Air respirator and its parts should avoid direct sunlight to avoid aging of rubber parts.

(2) Air breathing apparatus is strictly prohibited from contact with grease.

(3) A system for storage, maintenance and use of air respirator should be established.

(4) The air cylinder cannot be filled with oxygen.

(5) A comprehensive inspection of the air respirator should be conducted once a month.

(6) Air respirators should not be used as diving respirators.

(7) The pressure gauge should be calibrated once a year.

(8) The compressed air used for breathing should be clean and meet the following requirements:

Carbon monoxide does not exceed 5.5mg/m3 Carbon dioxide does not exceed 900 mg/m3

Oil does not exceed 0.5 mg/m3 Water does not exceed 50 mg/m3

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