Methanol to propylene industrialization project started

On October 18, a fluidized bed methanol to propylene industrialization pilot project jointly developed by China Chemical Engineering Group Corporation, Tsinghua University, and Anhui Huaihua Group Co., Ltd., a member of the new-generation coal (energy) chemical industry technology innovation strategic alliance, is in Huaihe. Chemical Group started. The scale of the project is to treat 30,000 tons of methanol annually, produce nearly 10,000 tons of propylene per year, produce liquefied petroleum gas of 800 tons, and have a total investment of approximately RMB 160 million. It is planned to commission and run it in March 2009.

Coal-to-olefin technology is the core technology for the development of new coal chemical industry and is an important development direction for the coal chemical industry in the future. It is understood that technologies for the production of methanol to olefins and methanol to propylene have been developed at home and abroad, but industrialization has not yet been achieved.

The project is based on the small-scale research work of Tsinghua University. The scale of the small-scale test has been scaled up to 10,000 tons. Through the operation of industrial test equipment, optimization of process parameters, catalyst life, and reliability assessment of process equipment, the project will eventually make The tonnage of industrial test device technology and environmental protection indicators have reached the advanced level at home and abroad, providing a technical basis and training platform for the next one-million-ton industrial device construction.

It is reported that the project development content mainly includes three parts: basic research, industrial amplification and industrial testing. According to the respective advantages of the participating units, the small-scale test base is located in the reaction engineering laboratory of the Department of Chemical Engineering of Tsinghua University, the engineering amplification is undertaken by China National Chemical Engineering Corporation, and the industrial test equipment is built in Anhui Huaihua Group Corporation, thus forming scientific research-design-production. Integrated best technology innovation model.

At present, China Tianchen Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China National Chemical Engineering Corporation, has completed the design of the industrial tester process package. The subsidiary Donghua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is currently carrying out engineering design. With the strong support of local governments, the project's various approvals and filing procedures have also been completed, and the installations have been ready for construction.

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