Nanning lighting market, price cuts, LED energy-saving lamps gradually become close to the people

Nanning's LED lights have dropped sharply! After visiting the market, it was found that whether it was a first-line brand or a second- and third-line brand, most of the LED lamp manufacturers surveyed said that the price cut was obvious in 2013, and some products such as downlights and spotlights were nearly half of the decline in the beginning of 2013. Domestic exports LED light products in Europe and the United States are also cutting prices. In the Nanning market, there are LED lights that only need tens of yuan, and their cost performance exceeds that of energy-saving lamps. Some experts pointed out that the trend of LED lamp parity will continue, and it is expected to drop by 20% to 30% in the first half of this year.
The price cut was obvious, and the LED lamp customers increased greatly. At the beginning of this month, Mr. Qin of Nanning ordered a full set of lamps for the new home of Fengling. The price of the living room LED lamp was only 400 yuan, and the main bedroom LED ceiling lamp was only 100 yuan. The price is similar to ordinary lamps. . This makes Mr. Qin quite surprised: if a year ago, the same LED lamp bought, the price is more than 30% or more than the current price.
Later, I visited the lighting city along the roads such as Wuyi Road, Renmin Road and Nanxun Avenue in Nanning. I found that many LED lamps have obvious price cuts. The LED lamps with tens of yuan are not difficult to find. The lowest price LED lamps only need 3.5 yuan. Wuyi Road, a merchant said that they have a living room LED lights, priced at only 500 yuan, and in early 2013, the price of the product should be more than 800 yuan.
Our brand LED lamp customers have increased significantly. Mr. Huang, a certain lighting brand in Nanning, revealed that in 2012, LED light customers only accounted for 20, and in 2013 reached 42. The price of living room lights and ceiling lamps has been reduced by a small margin, only a few percentage points, but the downlights and spotlights are close to half. Such as 18W high-end downlights, sold more than 300 yuan in 2012, after two rounds of price cuts in 2013, the unit price has been less than 200 yuan.
According to Mr. Huang, the two price adjustments in 2013 were at the beginning of the year and at the beginning of December, respectively. The previous price adjustment was reduced to about 20, and the subsequent decline was 40. Overall, the total reduction was about half.
The localization of chips is the main reason for the price cuts due to the price reduction of LED lights.
Zheng Hanming, director of the laboratory of the Electrical System Engineering Department of Guilin Electric Apparatus Research Institute, believes that the previous LED light source is the chip that relies on imports and the price is high. After the domestic chip developed in recent years, the price of 1W LED lamp chip has dropped from 20 yuan 7 years ago. A few cents to the present. This is an important factor in the price reduction of LED lights.
The annual price reduction of LED lights is actually promoted by factors such as the scale of domestic related enterprises and the progress of production technology. Zhang Hua, secretary general of the Foshan Lighting Association of Guangdong Province, believes that as an important production base for domestic lamps and lanterns, Foshan lighting enterprises will be able to achieve lower production costs than fluorescent lamps that produce the same power. In Foshan, LED lamps of 10~30 yuan exceed energy-saving lamps in terms of cost performance. In addition, whether it is exported from Foshan or other domestic enterprises to LED lights in Europe and the United States, the price is also lowered, resulting in an increase of 30% in 2013.
At present, there is a consensus in the industry in Nanning: the second-line and third-line brands have obvious price cuts, while the first-line brands basically do not cut prices, or only cut prices for a very small number of LED lights. This kind of consensus has the suspicion of being sloppy to consumers: the representative of a certain brand of LED lamp factory in Nanning revealed that the brand has lowered the price several times in 2013. The most recent one was lowered a month ago, and the factory also went to the retailer. A price reduction notice was issued.
Nanning's first-line brand dealers have not been able to bite and cause doubts in the industry: these dealers have the suspicion of trying to earn more profits in the short term. The sales person in charge of a large LED lamp manufacturer in Guangzhou expressed some disagreement, because the manufacturers have reduced the price in recent years, and there is a large price reduction space for retail stores.
The insistence of retail stores can not stop the general trend of LED lights continue to cut prices. Zhang Hua said that it is expected that there will be a drop of 20% to 30% in the first half of this year. In the next two or three years, the household penetration rate of LED lights is expected to reach 30~50.
Guangxi plans to subsidize civilian LED lights this year. A lighting fixture in Nanning said that as the engineering LED lamp market is becoming saturated, the lighting city plans to transform from 2014 and enter the home LED lamp market. There may be many cases like this. It is expected that the competition in the home LED lamp market will be more intense this year.
Zhao Zhengyang, the head of the marketing department of a large-scale lighting city in Nanning, revealed that only 83 stores in the lighting city's 83 lighting stores operated LED lights in 2012. By the end of 2013, they basically ate this cake. With the further decline in the price of LED light products, some merchants have already prepared for the next round of price cuts, while others hope to avoid cost risks through independent innovation. Ms. Xiong, a well-known lighting brand in Nanning, said that they plan to stick to the original price this year because they have mastered the chip technology, which can improve product quality and stabilize prices, while relying on imported or purchased other manufacturers' chip manufacturers, the price fluctuations are relatively high. Big.
In the future, the LED lamp market will become more and more small, and manufacturers should adjust their marketing strategies. Zheng Hanming revealed that some small LED lamp factories have closed down in Guangdong, which has raised the enthusiasm for the LED lamp industry in Guangxi.
It has been learned from the Foshan Lighting Association that domestic LED chip manufacturers have rapidly grown to 51 in just a few years, and there are 1750 LED lighting factories. It is expected that more than half of the manufacturers will be eliminated in the next few years. The reason is that there are too many manufacturers with small capacity and homogenization.
For the further popularization of civilian LED lights, Mr. Xia, the head of a certain line of Nanning office, believes that the government should provide corresponding subsidies. The brand's domestic engineering LED lights subsidized 20~30 in 2013, but the civilian LED lights are currently not subsidized.
On January 8th, the Information Office of the Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission learned that in 2013, Guangxi implemented subsidy incentives for Luqiao LED lights. It is planned to include civilian LED lamps within the scope of subsidy encouragement from this year, which will benefit the people.

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