Prevention of large-scale roof fall under the gypsum mine

The first is to completely shut down the gypsum mines with large-scale mining areas and transfer them to new gypsum mining. The thickness of the interval should be greater than the requirement of "top three belts".

The second is to combine the gypsum filling or stone masonry in the mining area affecting the structures and villages to strengthen the top support to prevent the mining area from falling.

The third is to use a gypsum filling 10m isolation belt to completely separate the mining area from the existing mining area when mining a single layer of gypsum ore body.

The fourth is to manually force the topping in all stages of the mining area according to different conditions.

The fifth is to stipulate that in the future, gypsum mining must adopt reversed staged mining, implement the pillar-type caving mining method, and leave no new mining areas, thus completely eliminating the major hidden danger of the mining area.

The sixth is to reform mining methods. That is to say, the current "empty field method (natural support method) room column type" is changed to "the layered roof type roof lag caving method" or the "layered room column type roof lag caving method". Prevent accidents caused by large roof collapse in the roof.

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