Robot's role in the packaging industry in 2014

According to the latest survey report from PMMI Consulting, robotics technology can help create new jobs, improve production safety and enhance industry productivity. The combination of packaging and processing technology is a new trend in the development of the robot market in 2014.

Through in-depth dialogue with 100 local OEMs, assembly companies, robot manufacturers and industry experts, the report disclosed the application of robots, expected benefits and other circumstances.

"Robot technology was first used in the crash," said Donna, the author of the report. "Now, they have come to the forefront and have begun to play a role in process and destackers."

The report follows the personnel involved in the development of the robotics industry. In 2008, respondents considered the potential of robotics technology from the terminal of the packaging industry to the front end. By 2014, they redefined the role of the robot in the packaging industry and played a major role.
Paula, director of business consulting at PMMI, pointed out that many of the developments in the packaging industry during these years are related to the extensive use of robotics in hardware and software. “What we heard during the interview was consistent with what we saw at the packaging show,” she said. “In 2008, when we conducted research, only 20% of manufacturers used robots to replace artificial packaging products. Now, there are 75% of end-users use robotics technology in a certain part of the production line, and their process technology capabilities have been greatly developed and improved for food and medicine.

Robots not only have the advantage of replacing labor and reducing operating costs, but they also derive new jobs. This requires that future workers have a higher level of technology in robot design, function integration, specific operations, and robot maintenance.

"I hope to see more functions added to the robot, such as embedded integrated systems, mechatronics, robotics training, operations, and programmable logic control and servo program design," she said.

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