Several elements that should be paid attention to in the initial selection of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter

Introduction: Although we have also talked about some selection methods of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeters before, this article mainly discusses some small details that need to be paid attention to during the selection process of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeters ;

1. Determination of the accuracy level of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter

The accuracy of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter produced by our factory is divided into three levels: ±0.3%, ±0.2%, ±0.5% . For the production of alumina or other flow control, the accuracy of the selection is generally not too high. Accuracy is a bit uneconomical for the economy, so you can choose the general accuracy;

2 , caliber, flow rate and flow range determination

The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter has the advantage of wide measuring range. If the flow rate of the alumina slurry is measured, the general flow rate is 1.5~3m/s , and the sensor aperture of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is generally consistent with the diameter of the pipe. For the selection of abrasive fluids, the commonly used flow rate is generally 2~3m/s , in order to reduce the wear of the electrode lining;

3 , the choice of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter lining

For some corrosive fluids, fluoroplastic lining should be used when lining is selected. The so-called fluoroplastic lining is the PTFE which we often use. It is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and temperature resistance up to -40 °C~ +180 ° C , but the disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant, but ceramic lining can be used for the abrasive medium. Ceramic lining also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and wear resistance, but it also has the disadvantage that it cannot adapt to the drastic changes of temperature. Therefore, the crushing phenomenon will occur; therefore, improper selection of the lining of the electromagnetic flowmeter is likely to cause lining deformation in actual work, affecting the normal operation of the flowmeter;

4 , the choice of electrode materials

In the selection of the electrode material of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, the first thing to consider is the corrosiveness of the electrode to the measuring medium, and the second is to determine whether the chemical reaction on the surface of the electrode will occur. If improperly selected, electrode passivation, oxidation, etc. will occur. Chemical reaction, some electrode materials commonly used can refer to the following table

Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter

Summary: For the selection of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, the choice of this small detail is very important for the later use of electromagnetic flowmeter. One is improperly selected, the lighter has a large measurement error, and the heavy one does not work directly, so the user is in electromagnetic Pay attention to the selection of flow meters

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