Several organic waste gas treatment equipment treatment methods

The principles of organic waste gas treatment include activated carbon adsorption, catalytic incineration, catalytic oxidation, acid-base neutralization, and plasma methods. The following Xiaobian introduced us to several kinds of exhaust gas treatment methods and hoped to help us.

The first waste gas treatment method is: thermal incineration and catalytic incineration

Principle: At high temperatures, the odorous substances and fuel gas are well mixed to achieve complete incineration. Scope of Application: Applicable to the treatment of high-concentration, small-gas flammable gases. Strengths: high purification power, odor substances are completely oxidized and differentiated. Defects: Erosion of equipment, fuel consumption, high processing costs, easy to constitute secondary pollution.

The second type of exhaust gas treatment method is: adsorption method

Principle: The adsorption function of the adsorbent is used to transfer odorous substances from the gas phase to the solid phase. Scope of application: Suitable for handling odor gases with low concentration and high purification requirements. Advantages: high purification power, can handle multi-component odorous gases. Defects: The adsorbent is expensive and it is difficult to regenerate. The odor gas to be treated must have low temperature and dust content.

The third type of exhaust gas treatment method is: water absorption method

Principle: Use the characteristic that some substances in odor are easily soluble in water, so that the odor components are directly touched with water, and then dissolved in water to reach the deodorizing intention. Scope of application: Malodor gas of water-soluble, organized emission sources. Advantages: simple process, convenient handling, low cost of equipment operation, secondary pollution, need to deal with the washing liquid. Defects: Low purification power, should be used in conjunction with other skills, poor treatment of thiols, fatty acids, etc.

The fourth type of exhaust gas treatment method is: aeration activated sludge deodorization method

Principle: The odor substances are aerated into the mixed liquid containing activated sludge, and the odorous substances degraded by the suspended growth microorganisms have a wide range of applications. Scope of application: Japan is now used for odor treatment in fecal disposal plants and sewage treatment plants. Advantages: After the activated sludge has been acclimated, the removal rate of the odor component that does not exceed the limit load can reach 99.5%. Defects: Constrained by aeration intensity, there are certain limitations to the use of this law. [Exhaust gas treatment equipment]

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