"Smart Shore Power" guardian blue sky

Early winter season, long white clouds hovering in the sky breeze sadness, layers of ripples rippling on the sea out of the quiet algae. A theme sponsored by State Grid Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd., State Grid Information and Communication Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Guo Zhixin ICT Group Beijing Zhizhi Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. under the theme of "Leading Harbor Shore Power and Sharing Clear Water and Blue Sky" 2017 Harbor Ship Shore Forum was successfully held in Dalian, Liaoning Province on the Yellow Sea.

In recent years, the air pollution is aggravating day by day. According to the IMO research, about 15% of the global nitrogen oxides and 5% -8% of the sulfur dioxide emissions come from ships. The pollutants of the ships have impacted the air quality and human health of our port cities. Have a more serious impact. Under such circumstances, it is particularly urgent to vigorously promote the construction of a green port and achieve zero emission and low noise at the port vessels.

Two vertical and one horizontal create a green port

In 2016, the national coastal ports completed 8,455 million tons of cargo throughput, of which 4.746 billion tons were inland ports. Seven of the top 10 ports of world cargo throughput are in our country. While promoting the development of the national economy, the air pollution brought by the port shipping industry is also becoming more and more serious.

"Electricity Development The 13th Five-Year Plan" explicitly refers to the shore power of ships in the alternative of electric power, which will raise the awareness of the shore power of ships and is expected to realize the rapid development of the shore power of ships and continuously increase the energy consumption of terminal electricity The proportion of energy-saving emission reduction efforts to help the implementation.

"China's waterway cargo throughput and port throughput rank the first in the world for many years in a row, providing important support for economic, social and foreign trade development while the fuel used by ships is mainly residual oil or heavy oil, with sulfur content being the vehicle oil 100 to 3500 times. "Yang Bo, deputy director of the National Energy Conservation Center introduced.

The use of shore power by vessels on the harbor is a typical "substituting electricity for oil" and is an important way to realize the green emission reduction at the port. It is also a powerful promoter of building a green port.

In view of the current environmental situation, State Grid Liaoning Power actively fulfills the responsibility of the central government, responds to the government blue sky project, actively promotes the implementation of the port shipbuilding shore power project and helps to save energy and reduce emissions. Together with relevant departments and the Dalian Port Group, Sub-investigation, and report to the State Grid Corporation actively, apply for special funds, and vigorously promote the Dalian Port marine shore power transformation and green port construction.

The reporter learned from the forum that SGCC released the "13th Five-Year Alternative Plan for Electric Energy" and put forward the development goal of replacing 15 billion kWh of substations in the field of port shore power during the "13th Five-Year Plan" and focused on building a "two vertical and one vertical Horizontal "port shore power interoperability demonstration project, building port shore power interconnection service platform, to achieve" card. "

Shore power of port vessels can make "zero discharge" of berthing vessels the most promising technology in the field of energy saving and emission reduction in the port and air transport sectors and is of crucial importance in promoting low-carbon environmental protection and emission reduction in ports.

The large-scale popularization and application of port onshore shore power technology will effectively promote the development of energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection in Liaoning Province, make important contributions to mitigating air pollution and creating a harmonious and livable port city, and at the same time effectively promote energy saving and environmental protection equipment Industrial development, to achieve a win-win situation of many good.

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