Spark plug replacement time for sewer dredging vehicles

The main function of the spark plug of the sewer dredging vehicle is to direct the high voltage generated by the ignition coil to the combustion chamber, and to ignite the mixer by using the electric spark generated by the motor to burn. The model of spark plugs in our country's field is made up of three parts of letters or numbers. The previous figure indicates the thread diameter, the middle letter indicates the length of the part of the spark plug that is screwed into the cylinder, and the last figure is the number that proves the thermal performance of the spark plug. For example, the 1-3 position thermal type, 5, and 6 It is for the medium type, and the number above 7 is the cold type. The gaps that occur in spark plugs of sewer dredging vehicles are also the main working technical indicators. If the gap is too large, the high voltage generated by the ignition coils and distributors is difficult to skip, causing difficulty in starting the generators. If the gap is too small, it will also cause sparks to be weaker, and it will be easier for leakage to occur. So how do you check the spark plug?

1. Slowly remove the spark plug's high-voltage sub-distribution in an orderly manner, and mark it in its original position so as to avoid misalignment during installation. Attention should be paid in the process of disassembly. Where the spark plug hole is located, remove the attached debris and dust to prevent debris from falling into the cylinder. During the dismantling, the spark plug sleeve is used to hold the spark plug in place, and the sleeve is rotated to remove it, and is arranged in turn.

2. The normal color of the spark plug electrode of a sewer dredging vehicle is grayish. If the electrode is covered with carbon or burned black, it means that there is a fault. During the inspection, the spark plug and the cylinder body can be channeled, and the central high-voltage line is used to contact the terminal of the spark plug, and then the ignition switch is turned on to see the position of the high voltage jump. If the position of the jumper is in the gap between spark plugs, then it directly proves that the function of the spark plug is normal, if not, then it needs to be replaced again.

The spark gap of the sewer dredging vehicle should normally be between 0.9 and 0.7. The gap size should be checked. Spark plug gauges or thin metal plates can be used for measurement. If the gap is too large, you can use the screwdriver handle to hit the outer motor with a little force, so that the gap can be restored to normal. If the gap is too small, it is also possible to use the above two objects to move outward after being inserted into the motor.

Spark plugs for sewer dredging vehicles are relatively easy to consume parts. Vehicles should be replaced immediately when the mileage reaches 20,000-30,000. The replacement mark of a vehicle's spark is not flashed, or the part of the motor that is discharged is circular because of burning. In addition, during use, it was found that if the spark plugs were frequently seen in the condition of a broken fire and carbon deposition, the general situation was that the spark plugs were too cold and they needed to be replaced with hot-type spark plugs. If there is a hot ignition situation or an impact sound, then you need to replace the cold spark plug. (Text / Sun Ni)

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