The Chinese medicine crusher industry should seek a breakthrough and focus on product replacement to the peak

Regardless of the current situation of the development of traditional Chinese medicine mill industry, it cannot be said that the situation of the Chinese medicine grinder industry in the next few years, because the development of traditional Chinese medicine grinder, whether now or in the next few years, is to enable companies to have a better development. .

At present, there are many difficulties in the development of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine grinders. After more than 10 years of development, the technologies that can be improved in all aspects have been improved. It is very difficult to think about new progress.

There are more and more enterprises of Chinese medicine grinders, which increase the competition among manufacturers and enterprises. Compared with foreign grinders, it is undeniable that our country's technology is relatively backward, which also restricts the development of mill enterprises.

However, the long-term survival of a company, the upgrading of products is very important, the era is changing, and will only become obsolete, for example, Nokia, Kodak, etc.; once glorious, now the rampant was trafficked, became bankrupt . Therefore, the crusher industry still needs to seek breakthroughs and start with technological innovation.

From the previous manual milling to the current changes in ultra-fine mills and mobile Crushing Equipment, it can be seen that large-scale machinery is an inevitable trend in the future development of the machinery industry. The crusher industry must also cater to the needs of the market and continue to move toward automation.

In addition, as a high-energy-consuming and high-pollution industry, the pharmaceutical machinery industry must take the green environmental protection line if it is to develop well. The Chinese medicine grinder should also be the same.

In order to achieve sustainable development, the Chinese medicine crusher industry must comprehensively consider many factors, analyze problems from the entire domestic market, find a good solution to the current problems and methods, and research and development of some foreign markets, but it is in line with the current market's shredders. Use high-tech equipment to conquer the market.

Drum cleaners are suitable for pre-cleaner of initial stage of material feeding procedure in many processing industry. Its main function is separating large impurities from raw materials.
It has high efficiency in pre-cleaning or cleaning paddy, corn, soybean, wheat, sorghum and other types of grains. 
It is mainly used to remove the large impurities. When the materials fall into the rotating drum, the materials that smaller than the sieve mesh will fall into the outer cylinder, and large impurities will rotate with drum and gradually expel from the outlet.

Drum Pre Cleaner

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