The pest monitoring system builds a robust pest control network

Agricultural pests, adults, larvae, etc. can harm crops, so it has a great impact on production. In order to prevent agricultural pests from causing disasters and reduce pest losses, it is essential to monitor and warn pests. The use of the pest monitoring system to build a strong pest control network provides strong support for the prevention and control of pests, and is of great significance for the effective protection of agricultural and forestry production safety and ecological stability.

Pest monitoring system

In fact, the occurrence of pests has certain rules. To prevent the spread of harmful organisms, it is necessary to closely monitor the pests' every move, study and analyze their dynamic changes, and take timely measures to prevent and control, and control the proliferation and spread of agricultural pests. Therefore, pest control should be based on prevention and monitoring first. The pest monitoring system is a reliable device currently used for pest monitoring. With this system, it is possible to timely monitor, timely forecast and timely prevent pests in important monitoring areas, and minimize the loss of pests and diseases.

The pest monitoring system is a visual insect detection light, which can automatically complete the system work of attracting insects, insecticide, collecting, sub-packaging, drainage, etc. under unsupervised conditions, and can regularly collect photos and collect insects. The pictures of the collected insects are automatically uploaded to the remote IoT monitoring platform. The plant protection staff can complete the monitoring and analysis of the pests remotely, which is very convenient and efficient, and greatly improves the timeliness of the insect reporting.

The pest monitoring system is used to strengthen the monitoring and early warning of pests, guide the accurate scientific medicine, and promote the prevention and control technology of green pests and diseases such as solar insecticidal lamps. Many measures have established a solid pest prevention and control network for agricultural production, ensuring agriculture. Production safety. Especially in the era of vigorously promoting green agriculture, these green prevention and control technologies combine the control of pest control with pollution control, which not only reduces the damage caused by pests to crops, but also helps to protect the ecological environment and promote agriculture. Continue to develop.

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