The role of security doors and security X-ray machines

The role and importance of security doors and X-ray security inspection machines!
The role of security doors and X-ray security inspection machines
The security gate is a detection device that detects whether a person carries a prohibited metal object, also known as a metal detector door. The main application is to enter the public places where people are more complicated to check the hidden metal objects on the human body, such as guns, control dao and other prohibited items, because the security door has been pre-set according to the weight, quantity or shape of the metal prohibited items. The parameters. When the inspected person passes through the security gate, when the metal prohibited articles carried on the human body exceed the total amount set by the security gate, the security gate immediately reports the alarm and displays the location of the metal causing the alarm, so that the security personnel can find the person in time. Metal items that you carry with you.
The X-ray security inspection machine mainly scans the baggage and articles other than the human body to detect the dangerous goods hidden in the bag, and sends the checked baggage to the X-ray inspection channel by means of the conveyor belt to complete the inspection. Electronic equipment. The baggage enters the X-ray inspection channel, which blocks the package detection sensor, and the detection signal is sent to the system control section to generate an X-ray trigger signal that triggers the X-ray source to emit the X-ray beam. A bundle of X-ray beams passing through the collimator passes through the object to be inspected on the conveyor belt, the X-rays are absorbed by the object to be inspected, and finally the dual-energy semiconductor detector mounted in the channel is bombarded. The detector converts the X-rays into signals, which are amplified and sent to the signal processing chassis for further processing. This technology is widely used in industries where public safety is detected in contraband.
The necessity of installing security doors and X-ray security inspection machines
In order to improve the safety of public places: behind the rapid development of today's social economy, the domestic environment is affected by many uneasy factors such as kong terrorists, extremists, Western forces, and separatism. It has brought serious challenges to our social governance and public security work. In these places, the number of personnel is numerous and complex. There are often illegal elements carrying knives and guns, various types of zha bombs and other prohibited items to fight for crimes, causing heavy casualties and property losses, and also causing extremely bad negative impact on society. In order to minimize the occurrence of such bloody kong terrorist incidents, it is imperative that security work draws on the scientific management of developed countries with scientific and effective management tools. Metal security door and X security inspection machine are one of the most effective tools. It has been widely used in important places such as various agencies and units to prevent kong terrorist attacks. It is a long-term practice test and it is proved that it is currently One of the most effective security tools.
Is there any electromagnetic radiation from the security door and the X-ray security inspection machine?
Any electronic product has a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation. There is also a lot of electromagnetic radiation around us. Such as radio, television, cell phone tower, substation, high voltage line, computer, TV, microwave oven, hair dryer, induction cooker, mobile phone and so on. Compared with these electronic products, the electromagnetic radiation of the security gate is negligible. The reason is that the security gate is a weak magnetic field induction technology, and the power is very small, which is twice the radiation value of the mobile phone when it is connected to the call; it is the radiation value of the ordinary computer monitor. One-fifth of a mile. Therefore, the security gate electromagnetic radiation is safe!
The baggage X-ray security device is the same as the medical X-ray diagnostic device. The X-ray is used to illuminate the object to be detected to obtain the internal image of the object, but the radiation dose of the package security device is much smaller than the medical X-ray diagnosis because the image of the package security is checked. There is no need to reach the resolution of the medical diagnostic level. In fact, the radiation dose of the X-ray security tester used in our daily life is much lower than the national standard. The American Academy of Health Physics also pointed out that because the radiation dose of the baggage X-ray security instrument is much smaller than that of the medical X-ray machine and has been fully shielded, even pregnant women can safely perform the operation of the baggage X-ray security instrument.

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