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The sharpening of the turning tool is a basic operation with a relatively high technical content in the cutting process. The operator needs to be familiar with the relevant theoretical knowledge and sharpening principle and master the sharpening method and operation skill. In order to make it easier for beginners to become familiar with and remember the concepts, methods and techniques of sharpening sharply, the author has specially compiled the following contents as the following: 1 Commonly used lathe types and materials, and the selection of grinding wheels are commonly used in five categories of cutting tools, and their cutting applications are different.
External hole and thread, cutting forming is also commonly used;
There are three types of turning edge, linear curve and compound;
Many types of turning tools, commonly used carbon steel alumina,
Carbide silicon carbide, according to the material selected wheel;
Grinding wheel particle size, thickness do not use indiscriminately;
Coarse grinding wheel grinding roughing tool, fine turning tool selection fine grinding wheel. 2 Turning Grinding Operation Skills and Precautions Grinding starts with the first inspection, and equipment safety is the most important;
After the rotational speed of the grinding wheel is stable, the two hands hold the side of the cutter wheel;
Elbow clamped at the waist, sharpening and anti-shake;
The height of the turning tool must be controlled, and the center of the grinding wheel is at the center;
The blade pressure is moderate and the reaction force is too easy to slip;
Hand-tools move evenly;
Care should be taken to remove the knife from the grinding wheel and protect the knife tip from lifting first;
High-speed steel knife can be water-cooled to prevent annealing and maintain hardness;
Carbide not water quenching, quenching easily cause the tool to crack;
Stopped after the first stop grinding, people from the engine room off the power. 3 90°, 75°, 45° and other external turning tools grinding step grinding first after grinding the main back, the main tail to the left main deviation;
The tool head is upturned by 38 degrees, forming a back angle friction reduction;
Then grinding behind the back, and finally sharpen the rake face;
The front corner is worn out in the same way as before, and the first rough finish is followed by fine finishing;
Grinding first before grinding, then grinding after the main and back;
When sharpening the arc of a knife edge, the left hand holds the front fulcrum;
The right hand rotates the tail of the rod, and the arc of the tip becomes natural;
The flat edge is straight and stable, and the correct angle is the key;
Model angle inspection, experience can be visually measured.

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