Two new gasoline engines will make Changan cars more fuel efficient

The prototypes of two new gasoline engines developed by Changan Automobile Group Co., Ltd. have been successfully ignited recently, and they are all more fuel-efficient than the gasoline engines that Changan is currently using. Xu Liuping, president of Changan Group, said that these two new engines will soon be used in vehicle production.

According to reports, the two new engines are the CA18 with a displacement of 1.8 liters and the CB10VVT with a displacement of 1 liter. The CB10VVT is equipped with a variable throttle and is a small displacement engine with outstanding fuel economy. On the Chang'an Star, fuel consumption is reduced by more than 10%, the total power reaches 50 kW / liter, and the power has reached the international advanced level.

Xu Liuping believes that in the development of small-displacement high-performance engines, the Chang'an automobile engine's variable gas distribution technology, variable intake manifold technology and gasoline engine direct injection technology have achieved leading position in the domestic industry.

In the current fierce competition in the automotive market, the development and transformation of more fuel-efficient traditional gasoline engines is the focus of various automobile manufacturers. Xu Liuping said that the new engine developed by Changan will be applied to Changan's new generation of miniature cars, minibuses and trucks.

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