Two provincial science and technology plan projects of Jiangsu Metrology Institute passed acceptance

[ Instrument network instrument research and development ] On the afternoon of July 22, an acceptance team composed of 7 experts from Nanjing Environmental Monitoring Center of Jiangsu Province, Eastern Theater Hospital, Nanjing University and other units, carried out the science and technology project of the original Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau undertaken by Jiangsu Metrology Institute "Development of NO-N2, SO2-N2, CO-Air Standard Substances" and "Micro-CT Metrology" for acceptance review. The experts of the acceptance team reviewed the review materials, listened to the report of the project leader and watched the live demonstration. They believed that the research results of these two scientific research projects had reached the requirements of the project mission statement and agreed to pass the acceptance.
"Development of NO-N2, SO2-N2, CO-Air Reference Materials" completed the development of reference materials for nitric oxide in nitrogen, sulfur dioxide in nitrogen, and carbon monoxide in air, and obtained the national level two reference material certification, which is in the province The accurate and reliable measurement of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, and carbon monoxide in the surrounding areas provides measurement support. The project has achieved certain economic benefits and has good application prospects.
"The construction of Micro-CT metrology system and its application in biomedical testing" The use of micro-machining technology to develop a Micro-CT test phantom has realized the spatial resolution, low contrast resolution, uniformity and layer resolution of the Micro-CT system Thickness and other parameters and evaluation of system reconstruction ability.

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