Validation, Evaluation and Promotion of Metrological Scientific Instruments in Domestic Quality Supervision

[ Instrument Network Instrument R & D ] Recently, the subject of "Verification and Promotion of Metrological Scientific Instruments in the Field of Domestic Quality Supervision" undertaken by Beijing Metrology Institute (project number: Z181100009518012) has been successfully reviewed and accepted by experts.
The research team and the financial management department jointly carried out a careful review of scientific and technological achievements and scientific and technological funds. The scientific and technological funds are fully implemented in accordance with the budget and meet the financial acceptance requirements. The results of the project include the verification and evaluation of 5 scientific instruments including high-precision GNSS receiver, ultrasonic flow detection system, high-precision grating length measuring machine, full-automatic nucleic acid analyzer, and beta-ray method PM2.5 analyzer. 5 evaluation reports, user experience reports, 2 sets of quality improvement plans, 6 papers, 6 patents, etc. The topic uses journals, magazines, news media, and online platforms to carry out the promotion of domestic scientific instruments, which has provided a better support and promotion role for domestic scientific instruments to replace imports.
It is reported that after the completion of the project, Beijing Metrology Institute will improve and apply the results of the project, and strive to promote the formation of domestic scientific instrument verification and evaluation technology services.

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