Vehicle-mounted automatic spraying machine (with two hoppers)


The concrete shotcrete vehicles are mainly applied to high-speed rail tunnels, highway tunnels, hydropower culverts, diversion tunnels, culverts, water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, and are popular in modern construction. Sprayer manufacturers on the market have also sprung up. However, there are only a handful of manufacturers that have their own R&D team and do a good job of quality assurance. The technology is stable. Most of them are imitations. If you want to buy a guaranteed concrete shotgun, you need to understand some of the technical knowledge.

In Zhengzhou, Henan Province, there is a professional R&D manufacturer for spray guns. At present, this type of tractor with two double hoppers is mainly concentrated in Zhengzhou. Shotcrete vehicle is the replacement product of anchor-spray support equipment - vehicle-borne concrete shotcrete, and it is also called in the industry as an automatic feeding and spraying vehicle.

There are many types of vehicle-borne spray guns. Today, Xiao Bian mainly shares with you the JPC-S 7*2 this ordinary spray gun. It uses a mature chassis, thick and solid chassis, and is equipped with two 7-side spray guns. Pulp machine, high work efficiency, up to 14 square meters per hour, and it is also automatic hydraulic feeding, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly spray gun. Selecting this concrete shotcreting vehicle can save a lot of manpower for our constructors. Material resources. It is a good choice for construction companies.

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Steel Body Autoparts Used For MAZDA

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