What are the factors that affect the output of high pressure roller mills?

Our wide range of metal ore resources, but most of the minerals belong to poor quality, complex, fine. In order to solve the outstanding problems in the economic, technical and environmental protection aspects of mining development, domestic metal mining enterprises actively introduce, digest and absorb foreign new and efficient mining production equipment.

In this market background, the high-pressure roller mill is the first to obtain research and demonstration, and began to use high-efficiency crushing equipment in domestic metal mining enterprises. It is also the mine production equipment that is most concerned by the domestic mining industry. It can be said that high-pressure roller mills are widely used in domestic metal mines.

Yield refers to the throughput of the high pressure roller mill, ie the processing capacity. In general, the system has a process in which the crude material is returned to the extrusion process, and the final throughput is different from that of the high-pressure roller mill. There are many factors affecting the output of high-pressure roller mills, which are described in detail below.

1) The bulk density of the extruded cake. Depending on the density of the material and the extrusion pressure, the higher the density of the material, the greater the bulk density of the cake. The greater the pressure, the greater the bulk density. For iron ore, the high grade iron ore capacity significant. The weight of the cake is generally obtained through experiments.

2) The thickness of the extruded cake. It mainly depends on the diameter of the high-pressure roller mill, the shape of the roll surface and the particle distribution of the feed. The larger the diameter of the roll, the thicker the cake. When the pattern is suitable, the thickness of the cake is generally 2.5%~3 of the diameter of the roller. %, in the end, it depends on the particle grading of the incoming material, the thickness is matched with the uniform material, and the value is taken.

3) Roller width of high pressure roller mill. The width of the roller is proportional to the throughput, and the wider the equipment, the less the edge leakage ratio of the roller mill, the better the extrusion effect. Therefore, roller mills with wider rollers are often used abroad, and some manufacturers have even wider roller diameters than roller diameters. Due to the limitation of the volume of bearings and reducers, the width of the rollers generally cannot exceed the diameter of the rollers.

4) Roller line speed of high pressure roller mill. The line speed of the roll directly determines the throughput. Generally, in order to increase the production capacity of the high-pressure roll mill, a relatively high line speed is selected. However, the line speed should not be too high, otherwise it will increase the vibration and wear of the equipment. The lower the line speed, the smoother and more reliable the equipment will run.

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