With an adsorption dryer, the dryer can't be removed?

The pre-freezer type dryer refers to a refrigerating dryer installed before the adsorption dryer. The general user performs pre-cooling treatment to ensure that the operation of the adsorption dryer does not reach the load.

The function of the front refrigerating dryer is exactly equivalent to an air compressor radiator, also called the air compressor aftercooler.

Because the air outlet temperature of the air compressor is extremely high, it needs to be cooled. Otherwise, it is difficult for the adsorption dryer to dry the dew point of the compressed air to the pressure dew point of the production demand;

However, due to the long-term use of the air compressor rear cooler or the ambient temperature, it is not possible to reduce the compressed air temperature to below 40 ° C. Therefore, it is necessary to freeze the compressed air before entering the adsorption dryer. The dryer is pre-cooled + dried to ensure efficient adsorption drying of the adsorption dryer.

At present, the adsorption dryers on the market are equipped with pre-freezers, which are very common. In workshops with high water content or high requirements for compressed air drying, dryer manufacturers recommend this combination.

If the air cooler's aftercooler works well and other factors such as ambient temperature are cleared, the pre-freezer dryer of the adsorption dryer can be omitted; not only can it save costs, but also save space. And installation maintenance work.

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