XCMG Cars Constantly Accelerates New Product Development in Accordance with Market Demand

New test on pebble road

Xugong Automobile Co., Ltd. continuously accelerates the research and development of new products in response to market demand. Recently, it has launched several new products in succession. Some of these products have been designed for loading and are undergoing performance and reliability tests at the Dingyuan Automotive Testing Site in China. It is being carried out in full swing.

The working environment of the test site is very difficult and dangerous. It is known that accidents such as overturning or crashing of the test vehicle in road tests occur from time to time. In order to evaluate the performance of automobiles and ensure the reliability of parts and components, the new products must be tested under various harsh road conditions. It is difficult to understand the hardships of personal experience. In order to analyze the data in the test process in a timely manner to ensure that the product's performance indicators meet the design requirements and push it to the market as quickly as possible, the test personnel of Xugong Automobile Co., Ltd. worked closely with the technicians to overcome various difficulties and put it into the test after working overtime. among. Some of them had not returned home for more than two months since April to the testing ground. They gave up their personal rest and family reunion, and devoted themselves fully to the new product test work.

At present, a group of new cars of XCMG is undergoing various tests at the Dingyuan Automobile Testing Ground. For example, NXG1315DPL1X8×4 silo cars are doing heat balance tests; NXG1161PTK6×2 is doing performance tests; NXG3250D3KC6×4 (wide body) dump trucks are working on The reliability test was conducted; the NXG4250D3KC 6×4 (wide body) tractor was undergoing a running-in test.

The leader of XCMG Automotive Company attaches great importance to the new product test work, and encourages the test personnel and technicians to make persistent efforts to successfully complete the new product test task and create new achievements for the XCMG car to hit the market.

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